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Tänään teemaksi nousee LIGHTNING - Power


“We see power all around us. It is in the mountains, meadows, and clouds – in fact, in every expression of Nature – yet there is not a more dramatic display of Nature’s power than lightning. It electrifies and splits the atmosphere such that when the heated air comes rushing together, we hear thunder – the applause of the gods.

 Lightning sharpens our senses and triggers fear and awe. We see these forked beams of brilliant light jump from the sky, and our instinctual vigilance is triggered in anticipation of the roar that follows.

We naturally seek shelter from the storm or are grateful that we are already being sheltered. This demonstration of the power of Creation is yet another way to remind us that we are not in control of the natural world. When we witness Nature’s power with open hearts and minds, we see that it is neither destructive nor constructive… it simply is.

The power available to you, the force of Life itself, is neutral. It is neither inherently good nor bad. It is how you utilize it that will determine whether it is ultimately harmful or life giving and congruent with the will of Spirit that pulses through you. What is required is awareness of your intention, your values, and your willingness to act on them under the particular circumstances of your inquiry.

Although you may see yourself as using this power for good, do not allow yourself to get caught up in the duality of good or bad in determining your decision or actions. Through prayer or ceremony, you can tap into this spiritual force; and by paying close attention to Spirit’s prompting, your choice will ultimately be revealed to you, once that is beyond your typical perspective. From there, you can continue to access this Divine power that is the very force driving the Universe.”
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