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Tänään Helatorstaina teemaksi nousee Ceremony

"It is in sacred ceremony that we have one of the greatest opportunities to experience communion with Source, one where the perceived duality of both heaven and Earth merge into an experience of the Divine. Through the use of sacred pieces that have become imbued with spiritual significance, we bring forth ceremony catalyzed by clear intention and preparation. Sacred ceremony is prayer in action.

Whether through indifference, depression, life crisis, or any other manifestation of mental, emotional or physical blockages, you have drifted from the intimacy with Spirit for which you yearn. It is important to do what you can to regain an experience of spiritual power that is contained within you and all around you. Do so by conducting a ceremony, one that involves not only Spirit but also material objects you consider sacred.

Set up an altar in a convenient area that is apart from your usual living space. Start with representations of the four major elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) and then add just a few sacred objects. Set you intention for the ceremony, such as whether the purpose is for healing, celebration or honoring a particular Earth season or cycle. Then do an invocation to call upon your spirit guides.

Breathe their presence, and ask these Divine beings to guide you throughout the process. Trust their guidance. Feel your heartbeat and keep breathing. Breath is the key to the actual experience of Spirit, and creating a ceremony is the vehicle that supports this."
Bohemian kissakortit viestittävät MIEKKOJEN 4. kortin avulla meille jotakin:

-Time out from the ray
-rest and recuperation
-mental silence and stillness
-a pause to retreat and reflect
-a return to the world
-being awakened and brought back to real life

Tähän alimmaiseen korttiin on kaiketi helppo samaistua ainakin heidän, jotka ovat helatorstaina vapaana - kuten minä. Nyt saa nukkua pitkään ja nauttia vapaapäivän tunnelmasta. Ihanaa!

Ihanaa päivää myös Sinulle!

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