perjantai 19. toukokuuta 2017

Oma hiljainen paikkasi...

"As the sun sets, the crescent of the new moon appears in the distance as this ancestral human creates his art, painting on the walls of the cave with colors drawn from Earth substances. The fire warms him; the cave shelters him and provides a refuge from the rest of the world. With its womb-like structure, it not only offers sanctuary but also serves as a temple that houses his creative spirit, which eventually gives 'birth' in the physical form of his artwork. 

Note how absorbed he is in the process. He no doubt has prepared for this creative ceremony by getting the fire going, mixing the colors, and gathering his sacred objects. He's painting an image of a sacred spiral, one of the most ancient symbols ever discovered. It's been depicted in artwork found in a variety of cultures and occurs frequently in Nature in exquisite mathematical proportions (such as in the shape of a nautilus shell). It also shows up in burial sites around the world representing the endless spiral of life-death-rebirth, the grand and complex mystery so elegantly portrayed in a simple circular pattern

There is a quiet, still place inside of you that will always be available as a sanctuary, yet finding such a space in the natural world will enhance and complement this internal place of peace. Whether it is a cave, meadow, forest, seashore, or any other settings in Nature, this is where you can see, hear, and feel the presence of the Creator in your surroundings. Let it become a temple for your heart and soul.

Rather than having your computer, television, or any other human-made device or activity be your sanctuary, allow yourself to discover the perfect place in Nature where you can simply be and breathe. Doing so bridges the connection between the internal and external, facilitating a spiritual communion that allows your being to be aligned in dramatic and quiet reverie with All That Is. In today’s busy world, it becomes even more critical to set aside time for sanctuary-even if you have to schedule it!"


Tämän päivän teemana on Cave- Sanctuary.
Mielestäni tänä päivänä hyvin ajankohtainen viesti. Mikä sinun oma hiljainen paikkasi on? Monelle se voi olla oikeasti televisio tai tietokoneen ruutu tai vaikkapa älykännykkä. Minä rakastan merta, metsää, järveä, jokea. Hakeudun veden läheisyyteen aina kun vain voin. Metsässä käyn melkein joka päivä. Ihana vihreä metsä! Meren äärellä käyn joka viikko ja järvellä tai joen varrella vähän harvemmin. Johtuu ihan välimatkoista :-)

Voi että, tänään on jo perjantai ja tunnelma katossa. Taas olisi kaksi päivää vapaata edessäpäin. Jee!
Ja kohta niitä vapaita on enemmänkin!

Ihanaa päivää Sinulle!

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