keskiviikko 5. lokakuuta 2016

Esi- isät keskellä viikkoa


Tänään energioissamme vaikuttavat esi- isämme. Maataika korteista nimittäin tuli esi- isät kortti- sukupolvet.

Kortti on kovin syksyinen väritykseltään, murrettua ruskeaa ja keltaruskeaa. Katsotaanpa tarkemmin.


"You have within you the blood of your ancestors. You are deeply connected to your lineage, the most immediate proof of that being the physical resemblance you have to your mother and father and perhaps even your grandparents. Yet beyond that, although unknown to your usual senses, you are connected to an ancestry that reaches back through the millennia. This is the time to call upon those ancestors, those who are of your bloodline as well as those ancient ones who have walked the land that you now walk.

In many indigenous cultures, it is believed that the essence of your ancestors inhabits many of the physical aspects of the land. In other words, they are in the trees, the water, the air, the animals, the stones-their blood being in the very dirt and sand you tread upon.

Next time you are outside, allow your senses to open to those ancestors who abide in the physical world. And anytime at all, allow your heart to open to those spirits to whom you are related through your heredity and those to whom you are connected by virtue of the land upon which you live."

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