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Tämän päivän meditaatiokortti on Earth Magicin Fairies- kortti!

“Fairies are Nature spirits thought to be descended from the early tribes – particularly the Tuatha de Danann, those associated with the goddess Dana, who once ruled ireland – that inhabited the British Isles. Over time, these ancient people were conquered and displaced; and they fled to areas where humans didn’t venture, ultimately becoming increasingly smaller and less visible in order to better hide themselves

Fairies have assumed responsibility for the plants and trees (or Standing Ones). They work with Earth Magic to take care of these beings, and if you ask, they will help you with your garden or yard. They also have the power of enchantment and shapeshifting.

Fairies appreciate it when we show them through our actions that we love the Earth as much as they do; and consequently, they bestow a little of their Earth Magic upon us.

You have the same power available to you as the fairies do. It starts with loving the Earth through your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation, but more important, through you r actions. The fairies can help you reconnect in a more intimate way with the Earth, and all they require is your willingness to pay attention to the trees and plant life around you, and demonstrate you care.

Whether you life in a small space or have an expanse of land, make it a point to be especially attentive to your surrounding vegetation. Plant something. Get your hands in the dirt and do so with love and enthusiasm. Every flower, tree, or shrub you are tending is a living being, so treat each like you would a dear friend. Ask the fairies to help you take care of these friends, and you will be rewarded many times over.”
Mukavaa päivää Sinulle!!! 

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