torstai 16. helmikuuta 2017

Toiveikas torstai


Tänään teemakortiksi nousee


"Innocence is not simply the lack of guilt or shame but a quality in itself, one that you naturally possess when you first come into this existence. There are challenges you have faced throughout life that have further shaped your personality and character. You have also likely encountered moments following a disappointment or loss when you turned sour or cynical, and no doubt have had times when layers of anger or fear blocked the flow of your vitality, your life force.

Yet in spite of all this, there is a core of innocence that you can reawaken by releasing any shame that has covered over the truth of who you are. Take any opportunity to heal this shame and let it go so you can revisit that state of purity. Doing so helps you see every moment with fresh eyes and removes the filters that inhibit your light and love from coming forth. You truly are a child of the Goddess, so allow yourself to be that."
Miten ihanan vihreä kortti! Olen tänään menossa ensimmäistä kertaa elämässäni vyöhyketerapiaan ja jännityksellä odotan, minkälaista se tulee olemaan! Jännittävää!
Ihanaa päivää Sinulle!

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